Ben Eilers awnings

Relaxing outdoors, in the countryside, at the campsite. Being woken by the sound of birds tweeting.
Enjoying each other’s company and the good life. With a beautiful spot at your favourite campsite, the
better outdoor living is always within your reach. A ‘second home’ as it were, to go to whenever you
Are you looking for the ideal awning to make your camping dreams come true? An awning in which
you can really live nice and comfortably? Ben Eilers is the right address for you!
Summer or winter, our awnings have been specially developed for intensive and lengthy use in all
possible weather conditions. Attractive, sturdy, comfortable and most of all: the cosy centre of your
living space at the campsite.
And did you know you’re completely free to choose the size and type? A Ben Eilers awning is geared
entirely to your personal requirements. It is then made to measure in our own workshop, to make it
perfectly fit your touring caravan, mobile home or chalet. Once finished, our fitters install the awning
for you at the required location. Perfectly straight and super fitting. Ready for many many years of
carefree camping pleasure.

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