We have the know-how, the machines and materials in our workshop, to make all kinds of other customised items for you, besides our awnings.

We can fulfill all kinds of special needs, both for private individuals and companies. Ben Eilers also regularly produces special projects at home and abroad:

  • Sif Roermond
  • Gifts Outlet Centre Roermond and Berlin
  • Bow Luxemburg and Roermond
  • Decoration Extrema Outdoor

Also think of the manufacture and repair of various types of tarpaulins and the repair of all brands of awnings, for example. Or the production of bags made from sailcloth for various uses. Whatever you can think of, we can make for you.
Do you have special requirements or a specific question? Feel free to contact us. Ben Eilers is always pleased to advise you, without further obligation.

Examples of specially customised items by Ben Eilers:
  • tent tops for caravans or awnings
  • repairs of all brands of awnings
  • bags from sailcloth
  • all possible tarpaulins
  • industrial tarpaulins
  • swimming pool tarpaulins


Is your garden or balcony very sunny in summer? The Ben Eilers shade cloths offer a pleasant shade. They provide protection from the sun and some cooling. Besides functional, they are also very decorative. You can choose from waterproof or water-permeable material and the size can be chosen according to your wishes. Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to inform you about our custom-made shade cloths.

Food service industry

Ben Eilers guarantees perfect canopies, awnings and smokers tents to serve your customers’ needs. With high quality winter proof materials, Ben Eilers creates customized solutions that are fully aligned to the needs of both small and large catering businesses.