Winterproof awning

With a Ben Eilers winter-proof awning, you can enjoy the better outdoor life whenever you want.
Whether you opt for the summer or the winter, for long holidays or simply weekends away: your ‘home from home’ is always waiting for you, at your favourite campsite. It makes no difference whether your ideal awning is freestanding or attached to your touring caravan, mobile home or chalet. In both versions, we offer a custom-made tent which is guaranteed to fit. And which is specially made to provide you with a pleasant and easily maintained living area throughout the year.

Freestanding awning

Do you have a permanent pitch at a campsite but you’d also like to tour with your caravan? The Ben Eilers freestanding awning has been specially designed for campers who want to stay flexible. Tow the caravan to your holiday destination and the awning and its contents can be left at your permanent pitch. On your return, simply park the caravan back behind the awning and connect the awning to the caravan door in no time at all. Would you like to see the many options? Why not pop into our showroom in Roermond? Or call us for an appointment at your campsite, we’ll be pleased to visit you.

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Winter-proof canopy

A made-to-measure awning, attached to your caravan or chalet, extends your living space. It is the ideal link between indoor and out, providing you with cool shade or a protected spot out of the wind. Our canopies have the same solid construction as our winter-proof awnings and are made from the same quality materials. The main difference lies in the open front, which gives you maximum contact with your surroundings. See it as a veranda which invites people to join you. For even more flexibility, we can make you a canopy with side sections which roll up.

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Mobile home awning

A Ben Eilers awning can also be directly attached to your mobile home or chalet. The roof connection with the special rail and attachment of the side panels using cushioned profiles ensures a waterproof and draught proof joint. Once again, the options are almost endless and we are pleased to meet your needs.

Comfortable interior

Owners of a Ben Eilers awning often tell us that they now only use their caravan to sleep in. From cooking to card-playing and from watching TV to simply relaxing: it all takes place in the spacious awning. That’s actually quite logical, considering the durability and sound structure of the Ben Eilers awnings. Each awning is as solid as a house thanks to an extremely strong aluminium frame. The roof and side panels are extremely taut and perfectly connected to each other, to withstand whatever challenges the weather offers. And so life on the inside is always comfortable, whether there is a storm blowing or it is blisteringly hot.

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We always start by listening carefully to your wishes, so that we can advise you on the product that best suits all your needs. Why not pop into our showroom in Roermond? Or call us for an appointment at your campsite, we’ll be pleased to visit you personally.

Prices winter proof awning

At Ben Eilers Awnings, you will always get a customised product. Exactly as you want it. There are endless possibilities with regard to sizes, colours and finishes. Just like the extra options with which you can make your awning even more comfortable. How about aluminium sliding windows, French windows or extra insulation for the roof and side panels? Basic or super deluxe: our awnings are available in every price class, for every budget. We do not make concessions in terms of quality. Even when you opt for the basic version, you are still guaranteed all the advantages of an authentic Ben Eilers product. You can own a winter-proof awning for as little as € 7,000.

Standard features: Extra options:
  • quality, durable materials
  • extremely strong frame made from square aluminium profiles (55 x 55 mm)
  • cords stitched into the profiles securely hold the canopy, side and front panels
  • all side panels and canopy are effortlessly replaceable because of retracting system
  • secured to the floor: completely sealed, and extra taut
  • canopy made from 720 gr/m2 PVC, to withstand severe weather conditions
  • protective canopy overhang of 47 cm
  • straight PVC side panels or a combination of breathing Dralon with PVC seams
  • choice of various colours and patterns
  • fully customised
  • customised draft excluder for a perfect connection between the caravan and platform floor
  • Extra insulation for floor, canopy and side panels, including inner sheeting
  • aluminium sliding windows with safety glass in single or double glazing
  • aluminium sliding door
  • French windows in single or double glazing
  • indestructible floor
  • canopy extension
  • accessible roof thanks to rigid plastic sheeting
  • curtains made to fit
  • choice of various ceilings, including a cloth or PVC ceiling or a fixed ceiling
  • window flaps or roller blinds
  • extra depth
  • cat or dog flap